Sargol Saffron

Sargol literally translates as “top of the flower”. Our Persian Sargol saffron is made up of the red stigmas which have been professionally cut and separated from the style prior to drying.
For many saffron enthusiasts, Sargol Cut saffron is preferred over the various other grades of saffron due to high levels of crocin, the property responsible for the distinct aroma of saffron and rich, well-balanced coloring. If the aroma is a core concern, we highly recommend this particular cut of Persian saffron for your favorite dishes, desserts, or rock candy treats.
Coloring power is the only measuring tool that assures you of consistent saffron quality. Based on ISO grading standard, our saffron way passes the requirement of 190 for grade I. Our saffron’s coloring strength about 240.
All white and orange parts of stigmas are removed so that only single red tips of the stigma remain. Here is the intensive fragrance and its pronounced colour the typical features of the Sargol.


This quality has according to ISO standard 3632-2

– colouring, Crocin, of about 240

– flavour, Safranal, of about 50

– bitterness, Picrocrocin, of about 95.
What’s difference between Negin and Sargol saffron?

Negin and Sargol are the same in quality and color power but Negin is a bit larger in size, thicker in shape and it more luxury.
Sargol Saffron Moisture

Sargol Saffron is very sensitive to moisture. Because its stigmas are dried and only needs it for fragrance so its moisture should be 8% max.
Sargol Saffron Color

Its coloring is red and rich and power. Its Color Strength is 220-250 USP.
Sargol Saffron Shape

Sargol Saffron shape is dry, red, oval, stick and round and a little break are seen in the threads.


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