bunch saffron (taste)

Iranian Bunch saffron includes all parts of saffron threads with the whole style. It contains stigma and style.


The red part of saffron stigmas and the white- yellow part of saffron styles are put together and turned by a string as a bunch of saffron

. In fact, the Red part in Bunch saffron should be between 70 to 75% and the root or Konj part is about 25 to 30 %.

The power of color and quality of bunch saffron is less than other types of saffron. It is about 190 to 210 USP.
Bunch Saffron Moisture
Bunch Saffron is very sensitive to moisture. Because its stigmas are dried and only needs it for fragrance so its moisture should be fewer than 8%.
Bunch Saffron Color
Bunch Saffron color is red and white but the power and quality of its color is lower by other saffrons( Negin, Sargol and Poushali).
Bunch Saffron Shape
Bunch Saffron shape is dry, red – white, oval , round, long and Elongated.
Bunch Saffron Size
Bunch Saffron Size is 2 to 3 cm.
Bunch Saffron Taste
Pure taste of Bunch saffron is bitterish.
Bunch Saffron Aroma
Bunch Saffron has a good aroma but its power aroma is less by Sargol, Negin and Poushali saffrons


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